1346945977maenam-beachToday I am fine.
Don’t come to worry me.
Don’t bring me your problems.
I won’t save the world.
I am not the hero of the day.
I want just to be fine today.
Maybe tomorrow I die
defending a noble cause,
helping many people,
being an example for the world.
But not today,darling.
I am too fine to be a hero.
Let me alone,selfish and happy.
Let me rest,sleep and dream.
This is my best moment,
my personal paradise.
Please, darling, don’t tell me your troubles.

26 comentários sobre “TODAY

  1. I’ll leave you alone today
    Tomorrow might be a better day
    However, if you wake up the same way
    Every single day
    Nobody’s troubles will go away
    They’ll keep knocking at your door
    Waiting for an answer to pour
    Out of your heart, out of your soul
    Because selfishness will cause a foul odor
    So sleep well dear warrior
    I will not tell my troubles today
    But be sure I’ll be coming around some day

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  2. What a wonderful poem of peacefulness. But you have left the door open for tomorrow when you will have to become responsible again.
    Do you write your poems in Spanish and then translate to English? Or what do you do?

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