Broken dreams,

Broken youth,

Interrupted life;

Dreams that did not occur,

Plans that failed,

The hope is over,

Life fell apart;

She had everything to live for,

Dreams to realize,

The world to embrace,

Many people to meet and help,

But life was cut short;

Young, intelligent, beautiful,

And through her pages, eternal;

Anne Frank, my best friend,

How I love you without having met you!

You are the best company

For my moments of solitude

When I have no one to comfort me,

I read your diary

And diving in your world

And it gives me courage

And strength to live;

What a woman you would have been,

The best journalist if you could have live longer,

But the damn war made you leave earlier this world,

But you will always remain alive in my memory

Because you live in me, Anne,

Or will I have live within you,

Within your willpower,


Courage, hope,

Within your light that enlightens me?

You make me live

And therefore your death was not in vain.

A day we meet?

Rest in peace, my dear Anne Frank.



16 comentários sobre “ELEGY TO ANNE FRANK

  1. Hi Rubens. Thank you to visit my blog. I’m here to read some texts of yours and it was a good surprise to find out this beautiful text about Anne Frank. And it’s good to know that you write in English and Spanish, I’ve studied both languages.


    1. Thank you!!!Muchas gracias!!!En la verdad yo escribo en 4 lenguas:portugués,inglés,español y esperanto.I will also study latin,german,russian and finnish!Mi volas lerni du dek lingvoj.Depois disso eu vou dominar o mundo!!! kkkkk

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      1. Your most welcome. And not reaching your goals, yes can make you sad. But dont you think not knowing your goals in your whole existence is more?
        Jst a thought…. The one’s who knew atleast tried to read their goals…

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