1There is a door,

but I do not have the key.

I am locked in my world.

I cannot go out.

I am a prisoner,a slave,a beast.

How could I run away?

How could I set me free?

Maybe I dig a hole with my hands,

but maybe that hole is just my grave.

Death is a kind of freedom.

I cannot hope no salvation from outside.

Nobody knows I am here.

I try to scream,

but my voice is just a whisper,

I am too weak to save myself.

I think I will die alone,

locked in my world,

in the darkness.

There is nobody but myself.

There is only a door.

Do you have the key?

23 comentários sobre “A DOOR

  1. Well written indeed. I understand that we have to be our own saviours most of the times but this poem portrays a word picture of what exactly goes in a person’s mind in hard times and not the whole story. Right? The person screams, is flabbergasted, dejected and ripped apart. He longs for someone to answer his call and find way way for him to escape….but the story continues and you get your way, maybe with someone’s help or on your own coz that’s life.

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      1. It’s actually my motto. And as you can see, my username itself says it all. Our purpose in life is to leave our mark on the sands of time because our work, our art is immortal.

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      2. Wow! That’s deep. We can also compare sands with time that changes while the desert being the basis- the cycle of birth, growth and death, which is constant.

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      3. The same holds for discoveries and research too. However it’s sad that sometimes some works of art or research have gone unnoticed. However, things are looking up nowadays with rapid strides in communication. We are able to reach out to many so easily. The spread of the eternal art has scope to catch up skyrocketing speed once the artistic minds join in with immense zeal and vigour.

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      4. Do you think the art from ancient ages is better than the modern art? Today the poets write with a computer. In the past they wrote with a pen. If Edgar Allan Poe lived today, could he write “The Raven” in a computer? In the 18th century there were more scope for imagination.

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      5. Art from ancient ages are indeed wonders but we cannot really compare the scenarios to those of today. The art that prevailed then aroused our aesthetic sensibilities, made us wander in the world of mind with a deep purpose in the backdrop or sometimes hung around light atmospheres but today’s world is bit different for a poetic mind. Then, if we asked ‘What you see out of your window?’, you would get, ‘The ripe fields, the sunset, the blooming flowers and a bird feeding it’s lil ones in the nest’. However, most of us now can give only a answer like, ‘Roads, my neighbour, cars and dust with smoke.’ Even if you get the right aura, we cannot expect that the poet of today can really spend much time at a go to pen down his thoughts if he is not a retired person or has a completely poetic career as he has enough money saved. A poem may be 80% our imagination but 20% is environment affected too. This is also very important. Moreover, what we think as the essence of poetry has also changed overtime. We have so many issues to think about and it is not unknown how poetry can be used as a powerful weapon to bring serious issues to the forefront. Now, as far as making poems on a computer is concerned, I personally think that such a poem will find its worth itself in the true audience. I do not think you would appreciate such a pretentious art, will you? But let me end my lines on a positive note. The true poetic minds and their imagination can be expected to be way beyond the general. So, if life allows, I think someday or the other if there exists some Edgar Allan Poe of today, he will come up. Maybe with the flavour of ‘The Raven’ or something completely new…

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      6. Wow! Beautiful words! Every age has his own poets. Every poet is a witness of his own age. But the essence of poetry is eternal. That is what makes us human. You can appreciate a chinese poem written two thousands ago because you are also a human and feel the same feelings that the chinese poet felt. That is awesome. Circle of art. Comunity. Union. Our differences make us equal.

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