drownDon’t let me dive in the darkness!

Do something for me!

Don’t let me alone!

My life is in risk,

I am too dangerous

And I am my own enemy.

I can kill myself!

Don’t let me destroy my life!

I need help right now!

Come here and save me!

I am not okay!

Give me any hope!

Tell me there is a tomorrow!

Don’t let me drown!

19 comentários sobre “DON’T LET ME DROWN

  1. This reveals how our mind works. It sometimes becomes the biggest enemy of our soul. In deeper sense, it is we ourselves whom we fear the most. We are ourselves so unpredictable that sometimes we even fail to discover just ourselves in a complete sense. On one side we are all mysterious creatures driven by chemicals like DNA and by electrical nerve impulses. Our presence is bound on the framework of the body but within we exist as a soul that is indestructible.
    It is natural that we can act in mysterious ways, sometimes frightening. Our thoughts turn wild and spooky more often than our actions. Gothic genre emphasises on this horrifying mode that defines none other than ourselves but thanks to our other side that is filled with motivation, hope, generosity and cheerfulness that balances it out. However, we can never deny that it exists in us. It depends on us how well we suppress it. Our life is thus always a battle within ourselves, between the two sides of us.

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    1. “Our life is thus always a battle within ourselves, between the two sides of us.”
      Wow! That’s beautiful. Yes, in every person there are light and darkness, and we must choose one of them. Life is made of choices. A wrong choice can drives you into death.

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  2. Sometimes the choice of a side gets out of our control. We take time to bring back our senses and get over the dark side. However what matters most is to overcome it. Many a times, even after being careful, we err or sometimes end up in blunders but most of the times there is always a way to reconcile, a way to change, a way to correct ourselves while sometimes all we seek is forgiveness. Realisation and regret end up carving a better being out of us. We need to learn and move on so that we never take such a step in our from where we cannot get back anymore and die of guilt.

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      1. Living is an act of faith. Every step is necessary courage.
        No faith= no motivation.
        No faith= no goal.
        No faith= no life.
        I don’t mean religious faith, but mainly faith in life. If you don’t believe that your acts can impact others life, you are irresponsable. We are not in an island. We must be example for other people. We are a mirror: our acts reflex our thoughts. Our thoughts are also food, they can feed other hungry souls.
        Everything is learning. Life is the true school.
        We fall sometimes, but we can stand up one more time!

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      2. Absolutely. These are the very reasons that help us step back when we have malicious thoughts and they actually define the purpose of life- the reason behind our life and existence. We all live in a symbiotic world that help us fulfill the essence of living and to let live.

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      3. A life without goals is empty. It is so sad when someone says “I don’t hava a dream…”
        My God! That person is almost dead! Dreaming is also living. Of course you must effort to achieve your dreams, but to dream is necessary.
        Dreams are the fuel of life.

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  3. To dream is the first step of our very life. The Almighty has given our soul the opportunity to drive a remarkable living body whose unmatched technology keeps in awe. It becomes our responsibility as a master of this unique entity to put its capabilities to its best use. Otherwise it is a pity to waste such a resource and leave the purpose of life unfulfilled.

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    1. hahahaha I am okay! That is only a poem. Well, if you are worried is because my poem is strong and I am not a poet as bad as I thought. That is gothic poetry. I love dark and sad poems. Night is in everywhere, mainly inside us. Hell and paradise are states of mind. Don’t worry! I am fine. 😀
      But I’d be better if my German was fluent. It is a language so complicated, my God! And I study everyday! I need to effort more! 😀

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