1346945977maenam-beachToday I am fine.
Don’t come to worry me.
Don’t bring me your problems.
I won’t save the world.
I am not the hero of the day.
I want just to be fine today.
Maybe tomorrow I die
defending a noble cause,
helping many people,
being an example for the world.
But not today,darling.
I am too fine to be a hero.
Let me alone,selfish and happy.
Let me rest,sleep and dream.
This is my best moment,
my personal paradise.
Please, darling, don’t tell me your troubles.



image62Eres uma chica muy guapa,

Pero no eres el amor de mi vida

Y por eso yo no mureria por ti,

Perdon si mis palavras no te caen bien,

Pero es mejor la verdade que un falso amor.

Si, yo tengo que decirte

Que hay outra em mi vida,

Una mujer que no me quiere,

Que solamente here mi corazon,

Que me hace llorar y desear la muerte.

Si, yo se que soy un idiota

Y es por eso mismo que yo no amote

Aun que tu podrias hacerme feliz.

No llores, chica guapa,

Yo no soy bueno suficiente para ti,

Yo no soy digno de tus lagrimas,

Tu corazon no es mi sitio,

Quiero besar otros lábios

Aun que los tus son mas dulces,

Pero mis besos son amargos

Como amargo es el amor que tengo

Por una mujer que no me desea.

Un amor amargo es peor que la muerte.

Por eso te dejare, chica guapa,

Eres muy chica y muy guapa para mi.


Guerra-I-644x362Hard times are coming.

Are you ready?

Living is dangerous.

Living is not for cowards.

Life is like a war.

Everyday is a battle.

You must fight if you want to survive.

You must be strong.

Weak people die early.

Do you want to live?

Get ready for the hard times.


drownDon’t let me dive in the darkness!

Do something for me!

Don’t let me alone!

My life is in risk,

I am too dangerous

And I am my own enemy.

I can kill myself!

Don’t let me destroy my life!

I need help right now!

Come here and save me!

I am not okay!

Give me any hope!

Tell me there is a tomorrow!

Don’t let me drown!


1There is a door,

but I do not have the key.

I am locked in my world.

I cannot go out.

I am a prisoner,a slave,a beast.

How could I run away?

How could I set me free?

Maybe I dig a hole with my hands,

but maybe that hole is just my grave.

Death is a kind of freedom.

I cannot hope no salvation from outside.

Nobody knows I am here.

I try to scream,

but my voice is just a whisper,

I am too weak to save myself.

I think I will die alone,

locked in my world,

in the darkness.

There is nobody but myself.

There is only a door.

Do you have the key?



Let me see you.
Wow! How you grew up!
You are still young!
Even greater than me.
It is very nice to see you again.
You do not know
how many times
I thought of you newly!
I missed you a lot!
Why did you go away?
Did not I love you enough?
You did not tell me goodbye…
But,well,let’s forget the past!
Come on closer to me,
I wanna hug you,my darling!
It is so good to feel you again.
Hey,your body is cold.
What happened?
Your eyes are so white…
Why don’t you speak to me?
Please,darling,tell me
what is going on with your life!
Wait,are you over here really?
Who are you?
A ghost?Remembrance?Delirium?
My God,help me!
Bring me who I love!
At least one more time!
One last time!
Make me happy…



You broke my heart,

I should break your nose,

But I do not want to break my hand,

A broken heart is enough.

I will pick up its pieces

And make a puzzle,

Maybe you have fun with it,

Maybe you can learn to love me truly.


wallup.netI have no dream

But the reality around myself.

Eveything I do must be perfect

Because I don’t have another day

And I can’t come back.

Everyday is my last day.

I have no tomorrow.

I have no future,no faith,no God.

What is God?Just a word and nothing else.

Everything is empty in my life.

Empty like the reality around myself.

I have no dream

Because I don’t believe in dreams.

I don’t believe in promises,

I don’t believe in magic.

Everything I do must be perfect

Because everyday is my last day

And I have no tomorrow.

Living is hard.

I can’t fail.


476_9c89f5be4bbe342a3279f32ed94d81c9Could you bring me peace?

I need just that,please,

But you are away

In this dark day.

Now I am alone

In my bitter home

And I face my fears

While I dry my tears.

It is night and you didn’t come

To bring me the morning sun.

This is not a joke:

My lonely heart you broke.

My soul feels the pain

That makes me insane

And I don’t know what to do

Because today I lost you.