My sun is gone.

Everything is dark now.

Silence is the only music.

There is no moonlight.

The stars do not shine.

I am lost in the night.

Do not look for me.

I do not want to be found.



You broke my heart,

I should break your nose,

But I do not want to break my hand,

A broken heart is enough.

I will pick up its pieces

And make a puzzle,

Maybe you have fun with it,

Maybe you can learn to love me truly.


wallup.netI have no dream

But the reality around myself.

Eveything I do must be perfect

Because I don’t have another day

And I can’t come back.

Everyday is my last day.

I have no tomorrow.

I have no future,no faith,no God.

What is God?Just a word and nothing else.

Everything is empty in my life.

Empty like the reality around myself.

I have no dream

Because I don’t believe in dreams.

I don’t believe in promises,

I don’t believe in magic.

Everything I do must be perfect

Because everyday is my last day

And I have no tomorrow.

Living is hard.

I can’t fail.


476_9c89f5be4bbe342a3279f32ed94d81c9Could you bring me peace?

I need just that,please,

But you are away

In this dark day.

Now I am alone

In my bitter home

And I face my fears

While I dry my tears.

It is night and you didn’t come

To bring me the morning sun.

This is not a joke:

My lonely heart you broke.

My soul feels the pain

That makes me insane

And I don’t know what to do

Because today I lost you.