Guerra-I-644x362Hard times are coming.

Are you ready?

Living is dangerous.

Living is not for cowards.

Life is like a war.

Everyday is a battle.

You must fight if you want to survive.

You must be strong.

Weak people die early.

Do you want to live?

Get ready for the hard times.


drownDon’t let me dive in the darkness!

Do something for me!

Don’t let me alone!

My life is in risk,

I am too dangerous

And I am my own enemy.

I can kill myself!

Don’t let me destroy my life!

I need help right now!

Come here and save me!

I am not okay!

Give me any hope!

Tell me there is a tomorrow!

Don’t let me drown!


1There is a door,

but I do not have the key.

I am locked in my world.

I cannot go out.

I am a prisoner,a slave,a beast.

How could I run away?

How could I set me free?

Maybe I dig a hole with my hands,

but maybe that hole is just my grave.

Death is a kind of freedom.

I cannot hope no salvation from outside.

Nobody knows I am here.

I try to scream,

but my voice is just a whisper,

I am too weak to save myself.

I think I will die alone,

locked in my world,

in the darkness.

There is nobody but myself.

There is only a door.

Do you have the key?



Let me see you.
Wow! How you grew up!
You are still young!
Even greater than me.
It is very nice to see you again.
You do not know
how many times
I thought of you newly!
I missed you a lot!
Why did you go away?
Did not I love you enough?
You did not tell me goodbye…
But,well,let’s forget the past!
Come on closer to me,
I wanna hug you,my darling!
It is so good to feel you again.
Hey,your body is cold.
What happened?
Your eyes are so white…
Why don’t you speak to me?
Please,darling,tell me
what is going on with your life!
Wait,are you over here really?
Who are you?
A ghost?Remembrance?Delirium?
My God,help me!
Bring me who I love!
At least one more time!
One last time!
Make me happy…